The best web hosting in the US for under $4

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March 28, 2018
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The best web hosting in the US for under $4

The best web hosting in the US for under $4

When I started this blog I wanted to find the best hosting provider that wouldn’t break the bank.

With so many options available, and with most of us lacking the ability to completely understand ‘all the technical stuff’ it can be challenging to make the right decision

So I did some research.

I wanted a platform that wouldn’t frustrate or my clients, so I looked for a provider with reliable technology (fast page load times, high server uptime) and really good client service. ( fast live chat)

I summarized my findings in the table below:

Web hosting services in the US for under $4 p/m

(darker green = best performer ) 

The difference between these companies are marginal, but overall Bluehost performed slightly better in the really important categories of server load speed and client service ( speed of answering live chat inquiries)

They were also ‘on par with the best’ in all other categories ( Disk space, server up time).

Don’t just take my word for it – I also looked at dedicated review sites like and found similar results.

How I measured the results

Load speed

The site’s performance was measured by plugging the domain name into Pingdom to determine load speed and uptime.

This enables one to determine how fast the sites loads in certain countries and across certain devices on each of the platforms.

This is of obvious importance as you do not want to frustrate traffic coming to your site with a slow loading speed.  Load time matter because they affect traffic, which can, in turn, affect your overall revenue.

To new visitors to your website these metrics are vital as it makes an good impression and reflects your site’s quality and performance.


Server uptime

Uptime refers to the total time that the server that hosts your website is up and running without any problems. Downtime refers to the time when the server is not running,  and your website is offline and unavailable to visitors and potential customers.

Any time your website isn’t running, you’re losing money.

Both Bluehost and Hostgater offer impressive uptimes of 99.99% which basically means ‘they are never down’



Good clients service = fast effective help

I tested this by contacting the ‘live chat’ services of each platform at least three times. Each time I timed their response time.

The minus 2min. score in the table implies that, on average, it took under 2 minutes before I got a response.


Closing remarks

I signed up for the winner of my comparison and I have not been disappointed – get in touch with them and give them a try !