The Best Ways to Get Blogging Traffic for Newbies

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April 2, 2018

The Best Ways to Get Blogging Traffic for Newbies

The Best Ways to Get Blogging Traffic for Newbies


Are you a newbie blogger having a tough time driving traffic to your blog? There a ton of ways you can bring traffic and visitors to your website. Read on to discover the best FREE ways we personally use to drive loads of blog traffic.


Driving Blog Traffic for Free


Many folks don’t know that you can get free website traffic. This is truly golden because you can be easy on your budget and really drive an unlimited number of visitors without having to break the bank.  Why is traffic so important for your blog?  Well, the more traffic, the more readers you have, the more connections you’ll make, the more opportunities, and the more (potential) money you can earn.


So without further adieu…


This is how you’ll drive free blog traffic: social media, question/answer sites, and groups.


Social Media 


If you’re a blogger, you should be on social media. There are a ton of networks. The big players are typically: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Don’t ignore others like: We Heart It, Reddit, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, and more.


The first things you’ll do is set up your profile. DO these things:


  • Add a profile photo (blog logo or personal picture)
  • Fill out your description and fill out your entire profile
  • Add blog url
  • Follow 8-10 people to start
  • Post 10-20 posts to start


So, you’ll do the above, to kick-start your social media account. Then, you’ll do these tasks on an ongoing basis to really ramp up and grow your traffic:

  • Post frequently
  • Follow relevant users in your niche


That’s it! The more active you are, the better results you’ll get. You can automate your efforts using free or inexpensive tools. We highly recommend (and use) Tailwind:



With Tailwind, you can schedule your social media posts for Pinterest and Instagram in a queue which can be tailored to fit your needs. It saves you SO MUCH TIME!


Question/Answer Sites


This is a big one! You can promote yourself and your blog very well using Q&A sites. Some examples: Quora, Yahoo Answers.


How it works:

1.) Sign up as a user

2.) Search unanswered questions and answer them

3.) Add your blog name or blog post in signature

4.) Rinse and repeat


Best Practices to Make Some Real Traction with Q&A Sites

  • Post frequently: Posting very often will help you here. Every time you publish a new post, answer 5 to 10 questions. You can also answer questions in between.  Putting this into practice has helped me get 100K+ answer views and 3-5K monthly views in less than 2 years!
  • Fill out your profile completely: this means writing a short statement about yourself or your blog and adding your site url


Groups are a real gold mine. Get on as many Facebook groups as you can! Now, these are going to be groups for bloggers, as the goal is to help you gain more traffic. Join groups for traffic-related activities like:


  • Post visits
  • Click thrus
  • Pinterest repins
  • Stumbleupon shares


These groups alone can help propel your traffic like gangbusters. Go to Facebook search and type “blogging” or related term and join groups. There are never too many you can join (hint: I’m in 100+).

Wrap Up

Following these activities above, you’ll start to see your blog traffic rise. You will love these methods because they are easy, executable, and free!


Do you have some blog traffic tricks that have worked for you? Share with us down below in comments so we can all learn!


The Best Ways to Get Blog Traffic for Newbies

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The Best Ways to Get Blog Traffic for Newbies

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