Pinterest for Bloggers: How to Triple Your Pinterest Views in One Week

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Pinterest for Bloggers: How to Triple Your Pinterest Views in One Week

Pinterest for Bloggers: How to Triple Your Pinterest Views in One Week

Pinterest for Bloggers: How to Triple Your Pinterest Views in One WeekWe are talking Pinterest today! In the blogger world, it’s the hub for traffic. People go nuts over Pinterest because it’s a free way for you to get real traffic to your blog quickly. It’s also super easy for your content to go viral.

Have you ever wondered why some bloggers succeed with Pinterest and others don’t?

There are the standard Pinterest tips out there on the Internet, like:

  • Fill out your profile
  • Optimize your account
  • Pin often

But, what do these things really mean? We’re gonna break it down for you and show you our secret strategy for tripling Pinterest views in just one week!

BEFORE–>Day 1: 2K views







AFTER–>Day 6: 53K+ views



How to Actually Use Pinterest for Bloggers

Pinterest for Bloggers: How to Triple Your Pinterest Views in One Week




First, understand that Pinterest is a tool. Keep in mind you are using it for your business. It’s easy to get wrapped up in pretty pins and dive into a recipe or home DIY pin for your personal life. Let’s dive into the tips shared above to really break them down.


Filling Out Your Profile

You will completely fill it out. This means:

  • Add your website url
  • Write a full profile description with keywords
  • Add boards
  • Add pins


Optimize your account

This means you need to make it SEO-friendly for Pinterest and search engines. You accomplish this with keywords. You wanna put keywords everywhere: your profile, your boards, your pins.

Add them to your profile in the profile description. In your boards, same thing, add keywords to your board description and for your pins, fill them in your pin caption. This is all.

Pin Often

Pinning daily is kind of a requirement here. It’s not hard. You can literally manually pin 25 pins in 5 minutes. It’s recommended to pin at least 25 times daily. These are gonna be pins relevant to your niche and audience. If you can pin 50-100 times per day, your results may increase. My sweet spot is around 100 pins a day.

Do I stay glued to Pinterest and rocket blast pin 100 times? Heck no.



How do I do it?

I set up 100 pins daily for 7-10 days at a time, using this magical tool:



Tailwind is easy Pinterest scheduling for bloggers (they also offer scheduling for Instagram too). I spend an hour a week setting up my pins for the next week to week and a half. It’s a total time saver and one of the tools in my arsenal that helps me get tons of traffic from Pinterest.

It’s super affordable, at only $10 per month or around $100/year (I recommend the annual plan, I’ve been a paid annual member for 2 years with multiple memberships, I love it!)

If you invest into any one social media tool, let that tool be Tailwind. You won’t regret it!


Hashtags for Pinterest

You put hashtags in the caption of your pin.  Hashtags are useful because they help users find content. So, in the search, if you are looking for farmhouse decor. You type “farmhouse decor” in search and Pinterest will pick up on hashtags (among other things) to show you pins that fit your search.

Start using hashtags today. Track your results and check back in one week. THERE WILL BE A DIFFERENCE! Hashtags make a difference and help you get more traffic. They are the second tool in my arsenal.


Manual vs. Automated Pinning

Do you manual pin or do you auto pin (using Tailwind)? Do both! Simple enough. I’ve done one and the other. There are pros and cons to both but overall I like using both in my traffic strategy.  Pinterest picks up your activity a little better I think, if you manual pin but the auto pinning is such a time saver and circulates your pins across the platform like magic.


Wrap Up

Pinterest for Bloggers: How to Triple Your Pinterest Views in One Week

This is how you use Pinterest for bloggers. If I haven’t emphasized enough, try out Tailwind. You can test out their service for 14 days with their awesome free trial. It’s so user-friendly, you won’t look back!

Do you have Pinterest strategies that help you get traffic? Share your experience down below.