How to Work Full Time Doing Affiliate Marketing

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March 12, 2018
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March 28, 2018

How to Work Full Time Doing Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing! It’s something that many folks try but not many succeed at. Why? It can be hard to do it the right away and really find your secret sauce to making it work, then replicating the strategy to make a lot of money.  Keep reading to learn how you can break into affiliate marketing and make money on a full time basis doing so!

How to Start with Affiliate Marketing

It all starts with your audience. Are you a blogger? Or you a YouTuber? Are you an Influencer on social media? Keep your audience in mind always.

  • What’s your niche?
  • What problem are you solving with the products you refer?
  • What does your audience respond to?

You want to offer products that are the right fit for your audience. This is crucial and often a step that gets missed.  Once you accurately identify your audience, you can dive into affiliates.

What you’ll want to know?

Answer the questions above, in addition to:

  • Demographic
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Household size

You can research these variables with a tool like Quantcast. It’s free and there’s a plugin on WordPress that will help you gather all the important info you need.  This is also a helpful tool if you dive into sponsorships. You can easily provide audience info to the brand you are pitching (more on this later in the blog).

Getting with the Right Affiliates

How to work full time doing affiliate marketing


I recommend starting with affiliate networks. These networks, like Shareasale, Flexoffers, or Linkshare are host to hundreds of affiliates. You apply to the network, get approved, then you can gain access to affiliates on the network.

Search categories or by affiliate name to find out more about their program, commission, products available, etc.

Here’s a list of networks to get you started:

Picking the Right Offers

Keeping your audience in mind, start selecting offers. You want to pick great products that you can honestly recommend to others.  Pick a nice mix of offers and keep commission in mind, without making it the driving factor in your decision to pick that affiliate.

What I mean?

You don’t want to pick a $100 commission product that’s a horrible fit for your audience. If you make sales and it doesn’t work, you could possibly lose the loyalty and trust of your audience. Make sense?

With that said though, it’s good to mix low paying and high paying offers.

Example: 3 sales for $20 commissions/each vs. 3 sales for $2 commission/each

Promote Like Crazy

So, you’ve identified your audience, honed in on their needs, picked the right offers, now what?

You want to promote those offers like crazy and promote them everywhere:

  • Social media
  • Your website
  • Email newsletter

You can also put links for affiliates in graphics, pictures, and other places. Be creative here, without breaking any rules set forth by the affiliate (example: some affiliates do not allow social media promotion).

Final Thoughts

How to work full time doing affiliate marketing

Making money with affiliate marketing full time can definitely happen.  Need proof? Check out one of my favorite courses on this very subject, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. The creator makes $50K+ per month just from affiliate earnings! You won’t be disappointed in the course. Students are getting real results!

Are you an affiliate marketing genius? I’d love to hear from you – get in touch and  share your best practices.