Earn Money On Line Doing Part Time Jobs

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April 2, 2018
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April 2, 2018

Earn Money On Line Doing Part Time Jobs

Earn money on line doing part time jobs


There are many way to earn money on line.


I have 2 favorites that I like to use to help me get through a tough month.


They are easy to use and rewards well.




This well known platform offers ‘gigs’ that pay $5 per completed job – they are usually easy-to-do tasks and do not take long.

There are also more advanced ‘gigs’ that pay more as it requires skill, knowledge and experience.

Once you registered your profile you can start using the service.


A strong point about Fiverr is their easy-to-use interface. It has search tools that help users filter the results they get based on the qualifications a user (employer) is looking for.

It also allows users to check the ratings and feedback of every service provider which helps them choose who they will order a gig from (gigs are work orders you can get, like logos, blog posts, explainer videos, landing pages, etc.)


Why register with Fiverr


  • Fiverr has variety. So really- there is ‘a job here for everyone’
  • They are a well known global brand.
  • At any point in time there are thousands of small businesses owners and entrepreneurs look for help.
  • The site is review-based which install trust and credibility.
  • It eliminates the need for a freelancer to try and hunt down clients and put bids on jobs,  but instead the clients come to the freelancer

In conclusion

There are many wonderful opportunities at Fiverr. The competition for gigs is global, so there is a bit of learning curve on personal marketing – but it is one of the best platforms to earn income on the side, in addition to full-time employment.


2. On line surveys

If you take part in paid online surveys you are making a positive contribution by influencing future products and services through your opinion in the consumer research questionnaires. Its easy:

           You voice your opinion.

You get paid.


Online surveys are easy to sign up for and incredibly flexible.

You’ll never be pressured into a particular routine because all the survey requests you receive are optional.

That means you can work when you and how you want.

Some of these surveys pay surprisingly well for a few minutes of your time.

To get started simply select any of the current available surveys below.

Surveys for US Citizen

Canadian Citizens

UK Citizens

Are you from another country? Would you like you complete surveys too?

Get in touch, and I gladly add more surveys specific to your country.

I hope this post has been helpful and will help you balance your finances !