8 Blogger Friendly Sites That Pay You To Blog

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March 28, 2018
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8 Blogger Friendly Sites That Pay You To Blog

8 Blogger-Friendly Sites That Pay You to Blog

Hey blogger, did you know that there are websites that pay you to blog? Yes, it’s true! No more scouring the web for blogger opportunities or doing hours or research to approach clients. These sites are blogger friendly and will pay you to blog, no strings attached! Read on to learn how you get started.


Izea is one of the first networks I joined! It’s a sponsored post network that connects you with brands to feature sponsorships on your blog.  They work with a variety of clients that pay you $20 to $1,000s per campaign. Once you sign up, head to your dashboard where you can apply to opportunities.



Massive Sway is a company you will LOVE! Their display of blogger opportunities is one of my favorites. They show all the campaign details, payout, etc. It’s a little different than Izea, which requires bidding.



Linqia is a network for intermediate bloggers. They require 2,500+ social media followers for approval. This is collective so once you’ve hit this follower mark across all your social channels, feel free to apply. I’ve gotten the most sponsored opportunities from this network. Their referral program is also pretty awesome paying $5 per referral. I’ve referred 250+ people since I’ve joined!


Shopping Links

Shopping Links is a newer site just discovered. I’ve heard really AMAZING things about their blogger opportunities. So far it looks great.


Tap Influence

I would say this network is for intermediate to advanced bloggers. I requested to join multiple times on a newer blog (up to 9 months old) and was turned down, with around 30,000 page views per month and 10K+ social media followers. They offer quality, well-paying offers. Give them a try at any time, as their requirements can change.



Clever is another influencer network that is highly sought after. They don’t take just any blogger. They have high quality opportunities and I would compare them to Tap Influence. You can apply to join easily right on their homepage. They encourage you to apply if you are (from Real Clever) :


  • A digital storyteller who creates/shares real and authentic sponsored content?
  • Someone who loves to share incredible finds with your friends and family?
  • Active on at least two social networks on a regular basis?

Acorn Influence

You will want to check these guys out. Their application is streamlined and such a breeze and while I am not a member, I have heard some really awesome things about their opportunities they provide to bloggers. Check them out.


Blog Meets Brand

Blog Meets Brand! One of my favorites. I’ve had one sponsorship with them, one of the highest paying I’ve ever gotten and it was such a simple process.  They contact you with opportunities and you can monitor clicks and more right from your dashboard on their site. Really easy. You will really like it.


Wrap Up

There you have it, 8 blogger-friendly sites that pay you to blog! These sponsored post networks are the real deal. If you are serious about making money blogging, check these out. There are bloggers than earn full time income from these networks alone! Don’t miss out.

Are you monetizing your blog with sponsored content? You are welcome to get touch to share your insights !

8 Blogger-Friendly Sites That Pay You to Blog

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